Ryl Parker

Ryl is a field ecologist, with experience working with a variety of organisations, including government agencies, consultancies, and community organisations.

Qualifications, awards and affiliations

Bachelor of Arts (Landscape) (UC)

Bachelor of Environmental Science (UC)

Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) (UC)


Ryl's skill-set includes:

  • ecological assessments under ACT, NSW and Commonwealth legislation
  • running workshops, including marketing, catering, coordinating and presenting
  • native flora and fauna identification, specialising in grassland and box-gum woodland flora
  • Land for Wildlife assessments

She is skilled in flora identification and mammal trapping, and is experienced in the assessment of the extent and quality of Natural Temperate Grassland, Box-Gum Woodland, Golden Sun Moth, Striped Legless Lizard, and Pink-tailed Worm Lizard populations.

Ryl can identify most indigenous and exotic flora in grasslands and woodlands in lowland ACT and surrounds.

Selected projects

Ryl has worked with Umwelt, where she conducted ecological assessments in small and large rural properties to comply with ACT, NSW and federal legislation, including use of Biodiversity Assessment Methodology in NSW.

Working with the ACT Environment Directorate, she analysed kangaroo population data for use in conservation advice, assisted in surveys for Yellow-Footed Antechinus, Eastern Quolls, Eastern Bettongs, Little Eagles, Grassland Earless Dragon, translocated Golden Sun Moth larvae, and conducted kangaroo population surveys.


Fauna surveys

Flora and fauna management

Flora surveys

Threatened species management

Volunteer management

Wildlife habitat assessments