Jasmyn Lynch

Jasmyn is a conservation ecologist with expertise on rare and threatened species, biodiversity patterns and processes, wetland assessments, threatening processes, and environmental management frameworks. Her work has extended from the genetic scale, through species ecology, regional ecology, global patterns of biodiversity, to the application of science to conservation policy and environmental management. She also works on a systems scale, evaluating the interactions and linkages between people and landscapes and the implications for long-term environmental sustainability.

Qualifications, awards and affiliations

BSc (ANU), Honours (Utas)

MSc (Utas)

PhD (UQ)

Member Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (MEIANZ)

Shortlisted for the 2017-18 Eric Anderson prize for best article in the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management


Jasmyn has 28 years of experience on environmental issues. She has worked with the Australian government and four state governments, a range of universities, and Indigenous representatives of Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea. She has engaged in national policy development and implementation, regional conservation programs, field surveys, data collation, analysis and reporting.

Jasmyn is a proficient writer and editor, with editorial experience on the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, Nordic Journal of Botany, Quaternary Australasia, and in editing technical reports and university dissertations. She has produced over 40 publications on environmental issues and 36 environmental management and botanical survey technical reports.

Selected projects

Assessing trends and causes of dieback of Blakely’s red gum (Eucalyptus blakelyi) stands in the ACT 2017-18. Analysis of spatial patterns and drivers of E. blakelyi dieback in the ACT using temporal satellite imagery, landscape attributes and biological factors. Collaboration with ACT Government, Environment and Planning Directorate.

Enhancing conservation and cultural knowledge through orchids of Papua New Guinea 2014-18. Evaluation of scientific, historical and cultural knowledge of the values and uses of orchids in the Torricelli Mountains, PNG. Collaboration with Tenkile Conservation Alliance to raise conservation awareness while enhancing local knowledge, skills, capacity and development.

The Piku Project: community-led conservation 2013-15. Research on the nesting biology and harvest of the pig-nosed turtle in the Kikori River catchment of Papua New Guinea to inform effective community action for conservation and sustainable use of this traditional resource.

Jasmyn Lynch


Aboriginal cultural land management
Applications for grant funding
Bio-cultural knowledge
Biodiversity conservation
Environmental education
Flora surveys
NRM program design and management
Scientific writing and editing
Threatened species management
Wetland management
Wildlife habitat assessments