Ben Huttner-Koros

Ben is a project officer with Molonglo Catchment Group where he designs and manages NRM projects (weed control, revegetation, habitat enhancement). Ben is experienced in trapping and handling small native mammals, weed and pest control, assessing habitat value of trees, and roadside tree trimming and removal. He also provides educational programs on flora, fauna and ecology for schoolchildren.

Ben’s Honours research was on the conservation, habitat preference and management of the threatened striped legless lizard (Delma impar) at Bush Heritage Australia’s Scottsdale Reserve, NSW.

Qualifications, awards and affiliations

BSc Hons (ANU)


Ben has experience in design and implementation of natural resource management projects for Molonglo Catchment Group on weed control, revegetation, and habitat enhancement. In this role, he engages broadly with partner organisations, government, stakeholders, Landcare groups, landholders, and farmers. He has skills in project implementation and activity reporting to public authorities, including projects funded through ACT Environment Grants and the NSW Environmental Trust.

Ben also has worked in industry as an environmental consultant and project manager. He completed a conservation and research internship at the Conservation Ecology Centre, Cape Otway, Victoria. He is committed to community action through his role as finance officer for the ANU Environment Collective.

Selected projects

Natural Heritage Trust—Design and management of a 20 million trees project covering 600 hectares south of Queanbeyan

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service—Potoroo trapping using cage traps, handling small native mammals (antechinus, rats, potoroo)

Australian National Botanical Gardens—Engage and assist visitors, ensure safety and security, assist with public educational and commercial programs; Provide educational programs on flora, fauna and ecology for schoolchildren aged between 6 and 15

NSW local councils—Ecologist services for roadside tree trimming and removal projects to NSW local councils; Assess habitat value of trees and direct tree contractor on where to cut

Environmental and Agricultural Services—Weed control using herbicides and mechanical methods, rabbit control using poison baiting and warren fumigation, revegetation planting, agricultural soil testing; Conducting Flora and Fauna Survey and domestic on-site wastewater (sewage) management studies; Researching legislation, desktop mapping, field-work, writing a client report meeting council’s requirement.

Ben Huttner-Koros


Applications for grant funding
Environmental communication
Fauna surveys
Flora and fauna management
Flora surveys
Habitat value of trees
NRM program design and management
Pest and weed control
Riparian land and catchment management
Threatened species management
Tree management and cultivation (arboriculture)
Wildlife habitat assessments

Lori Gould

Lori Gould has over 20 years of experience in natural resource management. She has worked with numerous government and community organisations, specialising in riparian lands and catchment management, and community engagement. She has a diverse range of skills and a practical approach to environmental management.

Lori is a Fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust and connected to an extensive network of environmental professionals.

Qualifications, awards and affiliations

AAS (Animal Sci.)

BSc (Env. Sci.) (CSU)

Grad. Cert. River Restoration and Management (CSU)

Master in Integrated Water Management (UQ)

Fellow of the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust

Lori’s program management abilities and contributions have been recognised through numerous awards:

  • Lachlan Natural Resource Management Awards winner 2006 and 2009, NSW State Landcare Award Finalist 2008, Banksia Award Finalist 2009, United Nations Association of Australia Finalist 2010, National Riverprize Finalist 2014 (Boorowa River Recovery project; $2.1 million)
  • State Landcare Award Finalist 2008 (Picaree Hill Project ($160,000))
  • Banksia Award winning project (ACT LandKeepers Cotter Bushfire Rehabilitation; multi-million dollar)
  • Winner, UN Award 2003 and Banksia Award 2002 (Bidgee Banks project; $1.5 million)
  • ACT Landcare Award (ACT Murrumbidgee River Riparian Rehabilitation Project; $30 000)


Lori has extensive on-ground experience in the ACT and Southern Tablelands working with the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust (2015-2018), Greening Australia (2000-2015), and the ACT Parks and Conservation Service (1995-2000). She has collaborated on environmental projects with the Australian River Restoration Centre (ARRC), Molonglo Catchment Group, Upper Lachlan Landcare Group, SoilLandWater, CSIRO (Landscapes Under Fire research project) and provided riparian advice to Creek Link Victoria.

Lori’s project experience with Greening Australia included large-scale environmental projects such as ARRC and Greening Australia’s Rivers of Carbon projects ($1.8 million), the Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation (WOPR) project ($2 million), GreenGrid ($1 million), ACT River Rescue ($1 million), and the Murrumbidgee River Restoration Project ($1 million) managed in partnership with Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority.

She is highly experienced in grant application development. Examples include collaborative applications between the ACT Parks and Conservation Service with Upper Lachlan Landcare for funding under the 20 Million Trees scheme and through NSW Environmental Trust grants. In 2018, Lori had a strong contribution to the ACT NRM Investment Strategy.

Selected projects

Australian River Restoration Centre’s Rivers of Carbon programme (Source Water, Breadalbane, Goulburn, Southern Tablelands, Upper Murrumbidgee; see

Molonglo Catchment Group (Vegwatch Support for Parkcare)

Gunning District Landcare – Southern Pygmy Perch habitat mapping and farm dam assessments project

ACT Government (EPSDD) - ACT NRM Investment Plan and ACT NRM NLP2 Tender

ACT Parks and Conservation Service (Watson Woodlands Offset Management Plan, Pinnacle Offset Management Plan, Mount Pleasant Revegetation Plan, Kinlyside Erosion Management Plan, Isaacs Ridge Erosion Plan)

Communities @ Work Family Day Care Program—Engaging Children in Monthly Environmental Activities (six month pilot)

Lori Gould


Applications for grant funding
Community and stakeholder engagement
Environmental communication
Environmental education
Landscape planning and restoration
Riparian land and catchment management
Volunteer management