Welcome to Molonglo Consulting

Molonglo BrochureMolonglo Conservation Group is a community-based organisation that has always drawn on the skills of its experienced directors, staff and network of experts to design and deliver inter-connected landscape management projects in the Molonglo and Queanbeyan river catchments of the ACT and Southern NSW region.

Now these talents are also being made available to others and the wider region for consultancy projects.

Our team is skilled in ecology, soil science, land planning, biodiversity assessment, erosion control, Aboriginal cultural land management, environmental and agricultural economics, project management, and community engagement.

Our strength is in bringing all of these skills together—our focus is Inter-connected Landscape Management.

We also have strong community roots, as a regional coordinator of local landcare and parkcare groups. The environmental outcomes we achieve are embedded in community stewardship ensuring long-term follow up management.

Contact CEO@molongloconsulting.com.au to start a conversation about how we may assist your business.